Thanks to Dr. Kevin Cho's longtime affiliation with New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital (formerly New York Methodist Hospital), he has treated adults and children of the Park Slope / Brooklyn community since 2003.


Dr. Cho provides emergency treatment of:

  • lacerations (cuts)
  • embedded foreign body (glass, metal, splinter, etc.)
  • fractures
  • avulsions
  • wound infections
  • bites
  • burns

on the FACE or HAND - or wherever cosmetic appearance of a scar may be an issue.


Call Dr. Kevin Cho (646-706-1975). Leave a detailed message including patient's name, phone number, type of injury, etc.


If Dr. Cho is available, arrangements will be made to meet you at New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital Emergency Room (506 Sixth Street in Park Slope). In this way, you will be treated appropriately (with the best cosmetic result), and waiting time will be minimized.



Can emergency patients be treated at the doctor's office or at an urgent care facility?

Private physician offices and urgent care clinics are often NOT equipped to optimally handle these serious situations, and staff will direct patients to seek treatment at an Emergency Room.

Dr. Kevin Cho is exclusively affiliated with New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, and treats emergency patients at its acclaimed Emergency Room.

Will health insurance cover an emergency situation?

Yes, health plans will typically cover Emergency Room treatment by a reconstructive plastic surgeon.

What about follow-up care?

Dr. Kevin Cho is dedicated to ensuring that patients heal properly. Follow-up appointments will take place at his outpatient office.


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